IFTTT config help

Hi Im very very novice in use of ubuntu try to start using openhab to build a smart home panel and have a problem and questions.

First I do not understand why openhab dont have any addons for the cheapest models of switches like Sonoff and also touchpanels used by Ewelink ???

Try to setup IFTTT and setup now 90% ready but here is my problem.

Maybe somebody can write down STEP by STEP how to:

"Important: Items will appear in myopenHAB and thus in IFTTT only after at least one state update has been received by myopenHAB.org from your local openHAB runtime.

This can be done by for instance creating a simple rule":

Where to put this “rules” remember you are talking to a Novice slight_smile: and I need help.

I think this is the biggest problems for many peoples that maybe want to use Linux but are realy Fu*** Up everything needs to adding manually codes all the time.

Tnx for all help regardes Kaj


Actually that functionality is no longer available. Abuse caused the service to crash.
The alternative is to host your own openhab cloud server on the Internet.

Bruce is correct that new IFTTT integrations have been turned off. There is no eta for when/if it will be turned back on. Given the huge latency involved when using IFTTT, it’s not really that big of a loss. In addition to the hosting your own instance of the openHAB Cloud server as suggested, I think the Webhooks channel in IFTTT can work with myopenhab.org, but can’t say so for sure.

In answer to your original question, the best place to start is the docs, in this case https://www.openhab.org/docs/configuration/rules-dsl.html. After reading that if you have specific questions we will be happy to answer. How to get started (there is no step-by-step tutorial) also has a number of getting started resources.

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Ok thank you very much Bruce and Rick for the info, only try to get my Sonoff and also my touchpanels to work! have 9 panels and 9 switches in use on alexa for the moment but want them to work with this panel also (alexa panel is boring)

Tnx Kaj