IFTTT integration question

I was playing around a lot trying to link my Google Home/IFTTT/myopenhab so I’m not sure if what I’m seeing is expected behavior or if paths were crossed in the setup.

In IFTTT, OpenHab lists all my items as possible triggers even though I’ve only exposed 3-4 for testing. Made it very confusing. I can say that only the exposed items will get the command, but it was still surprising to see all my items listed.

Is this what others are seeing, and if so should it be this way or should only the items exposed be listed by IFTTT?

With the latest version of myopenhabcloud only exposed items. To show all items was the behavior of the previous version

Ah. Ok. I haven’t upgraded yet due to some reported issues.

I just upgraded to version 685 and I’m still seeing this behavior within IFTTT. The OpenHab service shows all my items, if I have them exposed or not.

It looks like it pulls the items from my sitemap as I have door locks run via Vera that aren’t in Paper UI, but it only shows the item of the battery and the lock/unlock function and not the 15+ other items associated with the lock that just sit in the items file.

@RHINESEL I think this should go to oh cloud connector and not here to oh cloud. Can you move this over?

Not sure what you mean, binding instead of service?

I’m not a mod, I don’t think I can move threads.

This could be leftover data if you had somehow connected with an old version or something. Can you go into “https://myopenhab.org/account” and click “delete items and events” ? this will clear out our cache, when your items that you do expose start to update they should propagate to the service. During testing I was using the original binding and had this same issue, this solved it for me at least.

Perfect, yes, this solved the issue for me! The same thing probably happened, I think I remember reinstalling the old binding by mistake at one point.