Ifttt / ismartalarml integration

Hello all,
i own an ismartalarm system, unluckly this product do not expose api, the only way to control it beside the official is using IFTTT

basically the app has 4 buttons (arm/disarm/home/panic), i just replicate them in openhab using itmes and sitemap:

Switch item=Alarm label="Alarm" icon="alarm" mappings=[0="Arm", 1="Disarm", 2="Home"]

it looks like that itmes without a channel (are they called dummy item?) are not showed in the list of object that can be accessed by ifttt

now i will probably make a rule that when the switch change values, execute a IFTTT webhook applet that will set the alarm status; this solve half of my problem, how can i update the switch value to the alarm status if is changed by the offcial app or by some other ifttt applet? ismartalatm on ifttt have a trigger for mode change, but i can write it back to the switch, unless it is available to ifttt…
any suggestion?

I know of no such limitation. However, the item will not show up in IFTTT until the item gets updated at least once. You just need to put the dummy on your sitemap or sendCommand to the dummy item from a rule and it should show up in IFTTT.

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Thank you!
it was listed with other “undefined” items, i selected it but still not appearing in ifttt
the one i manually added on default.items; it looks like i have to add all the items i need in the sitemap manually even if they are already in added in “control” view (but this is another question)

anyway your hint solved, just to be more specific, my solution make sense? or there is something more easy for example using the openhab trigger for both ways?

I don’t know enough about this device and how it works to say the best approach. But since they’re is no API, you need to set up to applets on IFTTT, one to update the OH item when the device changes and another to allow oh to set the device.

Thank you
i will try the more “economic” approach once im able to expose the switch to IFTTT, even if it is selected it still not appear in IFTTT and in “Items” section of myopenhab