IFTTT sending commands to OpenHAB

I have a number of IFTTT recipes configured to send commands to OpenHAB thru the OpenHAB channel. My original recipes were working well until I added more recipes on Sunday. Now IFTTT shows that all of the recipes are firing and sending commands and do not report an error. However, my.openHAB does not show any activity at all. I have tried restarting openHAB and reconnecting the channel to IFTTT to no avail. I am really at a loss as to where to look for the problem or what to do next.

same here. No error shown at iFFFT, no error in Myopenhab but item was not trigger and changed.

I noted in the openhab error log that I lost myopenhab service. But this happenend a couple of hours away from the calendar event.

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I have noticed the same… Sending commands via IFTTT to OpenHAB don’t seem to be getting through any more?

I also have the same problems: no error shown at IFFFT, no error in Myopenhab but item was not trigger and changed (copy and paste from Martin’s message).

In general terms, IFTTT is not absolutely reliable (and I am not referring to openHab linking specifically), but generally it works…

Bye to all, Marco

Glad to hear its not just me:) I was afraid I did something wrong when I installed a new binding. I miss alexa… So yes I have the same problem.

I think that the OpenHAB - IFTTT link is working again. At least for me. Is it the same for all of you?

Bye to all, Marco

Yes, it started working for me again this morning.


Seems to work better than before even:)