I come from Tasker/Autoremote to give commands via the Maker channel in IFTTT.
I use that to trigger tasks in "Myfox. There is no binding for Myfox in Openhab so i need IFTTT for that. The problem is it’s very slow, sometimes 3 minutes.
With tasker it was instantly and very reliable.
With Openhab i got a lot of error codes “trigger timeout error”.
Is there a way to use the maker channel with Openhab?

Many thanks.

The Maker channel will not allow self signed certificates so you would have to purchase a certificate for your OH’s URL from a trusted CA (e.g. Verisign) and configure OH to use this new cert instead of the current self signed cert.

One thing that might work, though it feels a little backward, would be to use the Maker channel to interact with your REST API through my.openhab. That will solve the self signed certificate problem since my.openhab has a trusted cert, but it would require you to encode your username and password as part of the URL (https://user:password@my.openhab.org). Personally I wouldn’t want to trust my username/password in plain text on some third party’s cloud service.

Three minutes seems really really slow. I’ve seen half a minute delays before but not three minutes long and usually the delay is a few seconds. I think part of the problem is that if I remember correctly (always suspect) IFTTT polls my.openhab so if you are near the beginning of the polling period you are in for a wait.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Is there a reason that Openhab is slow and others respond instantly?
Maybe there is a way to use de DO button with Openhab? That works also immediately.

It all depends on how the connection between IFTTT and the other service works. If those other services are not using polling it will necessarily be faster.

Works the same.

IFTTT is almost unusable with Openhab. It’s not only slow but most of the time i got errors. After 5 errors, the recipe disables itself.
What could be the problem?

I think I was able to improve performance of my.openHAB, so can you please recheck how it will work with IFTTT now? I just deployed new code with caches which should significantly improve how it works. And sorry for inconvenience this could cause!

Wow, much better.
No more errors and maximum 2 minutes delay.
A little too long for turning off a alarm but at least it’s working.
Many thanks.

Any thoughts on what the target time is for updates? I’m seeing a up to two minutes, which for some actions makes the integration pretty limited in value.

The errors came back.
Unusable since 4 days now.