IHC and steering Zwave dimmer via button - IHC - Openhab - Zwave dimmer . Does this work?

I have an IHC system in my house I have previously tried Openhab and got it to work with my IHC system and my RFXTRX. I never put it into production but now I will try again.

I have bought a Zwave - USB controller and one plugin for outlet to start exploring Zwave also.

My question is if it would work to steer a Zwave dimmer by using my IHC switch/buttons and pressing button as I do in IHC do dim up/down - and so let IHC controller send info via Openhab that button is pressed down and then Zwave device dims until I release the button.

Hope you understand what I mean.

Will this work (steering Zwave dimmer via button - IHC - Openhab - Zwave dimmer)?

I’m not familiar with IHC, but as a general rule, items are basically independant of their bindings - other than the actually communicating with the hardware part.

So, yes, you should be able to create a simple rule that sends a command to any item when the state of another item changes. This will be work for ZWave, or RFX, or anything else…


Hello. It should be possible however since there is some latency in the IHC binding and in the zwave binding as well as in openhab you may want to set it up such that one press gives you a fixed percentage of dimming. Else I would suspect that you end up dimming down and up after releasing the button.

But it is certainly possible to get the status of a press button in IHC and use that to control a zwave device

I have been thinking more on this and maybe I should connect like this

24V existing switch on wall >> IHC input 24V >> IHC controller >> IHC output 230V >> i1 /input for switch) in qubino zwave dimmer >> output from qubino zwave dimmer to lamp.

this way I can control dimmer also entirely via Zwave /OpenHab(I have a Vera Edge now)

problem can be latency from press on 24V switch to IHC output but I hope to at least be able to send on/off from 24V switch - and do dimming via Zwave app.

Then you do not have power on the dimmer at all times will it integrate
nicely with the z wave binding when you turn on the 240 volt outlet?

But the rest of your system I agree with. It works just fine for turning
stuff on and off and with the IHC binding. Maybe the zwave dimmer is ready
to receive commands the second power is supplied to it maybe not. If it
needs to boot or initialise each time then you have to write your commands
in a quite specific order for it to work.

Interesting to follow please let us know what happens


sorry I explained badly

what I will try when getting my Zwave dimmer is (changed idea from first post in this subject):

connecting the Zwave dimmer as normal to live 230V and to lamp and then control that it works via local switch connected to dimmer and via zwave app. Dimmer is then working regardless of OpenHab or IHC.

Then I will connect from IHC output to the input for switch on the dimmer - that will mean IHC will simulate/act as a switch on the wall connected to the dimmer.

Dimmer will always have power this way, And can always be steered by Zwave app/OpenHab via Zwave

To test: using my real wallswitch 24V connected to IHC input 24V to control the Zwave dimmer via IHC output,
Will there will be latency within IHC so that dimming will be difficult?

I do think letting IHC output sending a pulse to be able to on&off the dimmer should work - I will test that also.

I will test when receiving the dimmer and get back on this

next when having OpenHab up and running is to test if it is possible to have a virtual output triggered in IHC when pressing wallswitch IHC 24V - and then using OpenHab to notice virtual output from IHC and sending command to Zwave.

If that works then I would not need to use a 230V IHC output for the dimmed lamp.

I think you should be able to bypass the ihc 230 volt output module
altogether. This would also make the install much smaller and cheaper