IHC Universal Dimmer - Not reacting on Rule / Slider after some time

Hi all,

So I’m facing a weird problem with my openHAB and my IHC setup.
At the moment I’m running on a IHC Visual Viewer running the latest firmware and the IHC Binding on openHAB.
Everything also seems to be working, but I’m having problems with commands / rules if the system haven’t been used for several hours.

My main problem is with 3 sliders. I got 3 Dimmers that controls my outdoor light and the items I’ve set up for them also seems to work.

//IHC (Garden)
Dimmer Garden_Front_Spot “Forhave spot udhæng” (Light) { ihc=“0xAD95D” }
Dimmer Garden_Driveway “Indkørsel spot udhæng” (Light) { ihc=“0x11525D” }
Dimmer Garden_Back_Spot “Baghave spot udhæng” (Light) { ihc=“0xAF25D” }

The rule I’m facing problems with is the one below, but I do also have problems with other rules that triggers my Dimmers, but those work for now - but I’m thinking that’s because I have “waked up” the connection to the IHC Controller, because when I see the rule didn’t work, then I manually triggers it. The other rule turns off the light, but that is only a few hours later.

The rule beneath should trigger when my astro sun set triggers, then the IsDark is being set to “ON” (I can confirm that the IsDark is set to “ON” and also “OFF” when astro sun rise is triggered).


rule "Turn on Light in Garden Front if dark "
    Item IsDark received update
    if (IsDark.state == ON) {

But nothing happens, except I can see my sliders on my Sitemap are set to 50 - all tree of them, but my Lights are not turned on…

If I then open up my Basic UI and tries to slide up and down, then nothing happens the first 3 or 4 times and then suddenly is reacts right away.

Does anyone know why I experience this behavior? - Any other information you need?

Got it solved, by restarting the device.