IKEA announces Trådfri smart lights

IKEA has announced smart lights that appear to be using Zigbee Light Link. More opportunities!








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Im not 100% sure they use Zigbee Light Link look at the last post here https://developers.meethue.com/content/philips-hue-and-ikea-trådfri?page=1#comment-3100

There was a great in detail article over at the german news page heise:

Whoever gets his hands on such a bulb first: Let us know!!

well i have been thinking about getting a few of those bulbs but with no way of controlling them from OpenHab it seems pointless.

As the hue bridge is a no go i have been waiting for the zigbee integration.

im not so good with diy electronics so the esp8266 solution is nothing for me…

I’ve got a friend in Sweden at the moment but I’m struggling to see a reason for getting them other than for a bit of fun.

Thanks for those articles @ThomDietrich - really useful information in them.

To summarise: No need for cloud, talks to Hue/Osram lights, with a bit of ESP magic (although not the 01 as you need at least 4 GPIO lines) you can turn the switch into a hub.

The price isn’t really appealing to me though. It’s between £25 and £30 for a light and switch at the moment, but the Hue with Dimmer switch can be had for a similar price.

I feel the same way as the both of you. Integrating yet another device connected to openHAB would be cool but I’m not personally interesting in more lights. I’m not even playing around with colors much. My PC case modding times are long over :nerd:


this is my first post, as I just found out about OpenHAB yesterday… but… I’m looking right now at a Tradfri set on my desk :slight_smile: Two bulbs, remote control and internet gateway. Unfortunately an app to manage the gateway and the rest - will be available at april, and now I can only use the remote control [no internet needed], but if I can somehow help you with development - let me know!

important: I’m not a developer, so probably you’ll have to guide me step-by-step :wink: I’m just interested in making some automations at my home, so right now I’m looking for new possibilities.

IKEA bulbs have some flaws so I’m thinking on returning the set, but first I want to test the app when it will be available - and for now maybe I can give you some infos.

[if needed - I’ve got a unboxing video with quick remote control tests, but don’t want to spam with my YT channel]


I’ve running wireshark against the Android App when it talks to the gateway. It looks like it’s talking CoAP over DTLS which is going to slow things down a little when it comes to rev engineering the protocol.

I’m keeping notes about how I’m getting on on a Gist here: https://gist.github.com/hardillb/4ce9fc493b792806e39f7fae4b7c28a7

I’ve been trying to reach out to IKEA for some doc on the CoAP endpoints and there is some suggestion they will be providing an open API at some point.

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maybe this helps: https://bitsex.net/software/2017/coap-endpoints-on-ikea-tradfri/

Wonderful, thanks

I have a set including 2 bulbs, gateway and remote, and a rectangular flat wall/ceiling light. Though I have currently no plans to figure out the protocol (I love the hue gateway with it’s clean REST API for that matter) or build a binding, I’m willing to test any binding or cli tool if one was to be made.

And https://github.com/stenehall/homebridge-ikea

FTR, there is also some “generic CoAP binding” suggested here - maybe that can be used as a starting point: https://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/m/1759339/

A lot of discussion around the protocol is going on here: https://github.com/bwssytems/ha-bridge/issues/570

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Nice review on the COAP protocol and security in general by Matthew Garrett.


Have a look at this…

It has it’s own repo, too

One more: https://home-assistant.io/blog/2017/04/17/ikea-tradfri-internet-of-things-done-right/


FTR: The further discussion about supporting Tradfri is right here!