Ikea Fyrtur blinds at deCONZ


it took me hours of diving through tons of threads, but I finally managed to add my Ikea Fyrtur blind using deCONZ on my Raspbee II (I assume it’s the same with Conbee). Maybe this little tutorial helps some people to save time.

1st: make sure you will find a file /usr/share/deCONZ/devices/ikea/fyrtur_block-out_roller_blind.json on your deCONZ host or a similar file with a header like this:

  "schema": "devcap1.schema.json",
  "manufacturername": "$MF_IKEA",
  "modelid": "FYRTUR block-out roller blind",
  "vendor": "IKEA of Sweden",
  "product": "FYRTUR block-out roller blind",
  "sleeper": false,
  "status": "Gold",

If I had discovered earlier that it was missing on my installation it would have saved me a significant amount of time where I tried to discover the blind via the Phoscon web gui. If you are also missing this file download it from Github Add DDF for Ikea Fyrtur roller blind by SwoopX · Pull Request #6110 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub.

2nd: It’s not enough to press the 2 buttons on the blind 5 seconds to reset it to factory default. It needs at least 15 seconds.

3rd: The open/close button can be reset to factory default and added to Phoscon the traditional way. The repeater is not needed.

4th: Due to a missing profile I could not add the channel “buttonevent (Trigger)”, I had to use “button (Number)” which is updated by the button number after the button was pressed. As the update needs some moments I added a delay into the rule. My rule to control the blind via the open/close button is as follows

rule "RL_GW_FB"
    Channel "deconz:switch:00212E062373:804b50fffe5cd063011000:buttonevent" triggered
    Thread::sleep(100)          // wait until the item RL_GW_FB_Ta was updated
    if      (RL_GW_FB_Ta.state == 1002 || RL_GW_FB_Ta.state == 1003) RL_GW_l.sendCommand(UP)
    else if (RL_GW_FB_Ta.state == 2002 || RL_GW_FB_Ta.state == 2003) RL_GW_l.sendCommand(DOWN)

Maybe you’ve noticed that the rule doesn’t contain a STOP command. STOP works from the sitemap, but for whatever reason not from the rule. But this is not a problem because a second UP stops a moving blind as well as a second DOWN.

Just a description of the button codes:
1002 = open button
1003 = open button released after long press
2002 = close button
2003 = close button released after long press

So I hope some people will find it useful and if you find more tricks let me know.

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