Ikea LED1624G9 Blub Color Mqtt did not work


i connected a Ikea LED1624G9 via zigbee2mqtt the bulb works and i added a on/off switch and a dimmer.
This also works, but i did not get a setting for color.

this is my config:

but then i get this error in zigbee2mqtt

e[31mZigbee2MQTT:errore[39m 2021-05-14 14:27:34: Invalid JSON '87,79,41', skipping...

when i change the color direct in the zigbee2mqtt webinterface the log shows:

32mZigbee2MQTT:info e[39m 2021-05-14 14:26:44: MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/TradfriColor1', payload '{"brightness":153,"color":{"x":0.34146341463414637,"y":0.17073170731707318},"color_mode":"xy","linkquality":131,"state":"ON","update":{"state":"idle"},"update_available":false}'

this works of course, but how must i set up openhab to send commands like this?


found the solution in this thread Zigbee2mqtt revisited: No more ugly transformations - #185 by derhelge