Ikea shades through smartthings

Is anyone using Ikea shades (Tredansen) using the smarthings hub?
I am using Openhab 3.2 and I paired the shade to the Smartthings hub and used the openhab app to import the Things into Openhab.
I can see two things, the shade and the battery.
The shade has one channel which is a point with string type.
The options for the string seem to be, open, opening, closed, closing, partially open, unknown.
I can send the command xxxx.sendCommand(open) and it will open, what I cannot figure out is how to stop the shade and how to open or close to a certain percentage.
I read a post which said xxxx.sendCommand(70) for example would open the shade to 70% but in my case it either does nothing or it just closes the shade all the way if it is open to begin with.
I also read that sending a close command while it is opening will stop the shade but that does not work for me, if the shade is opening and I send a close command, it will just reverse direction and close all the way.
The Smartthings app has the ability to open, close, stop and go to a certain percentage so it seems to be possible to do these things.
Thank you for any help


I have neither the Ike blinds nor the binding … but suggest to try xxxx.sendCommand(0.7)

Thank you
There was no problem with the blinds or the commands, I had just not made the dimming channel visible to Openhab

Everything is fine now