Ikea Tradfi Dimmer Groups


i am new on openhab and try to add my living room lamp with 5 Ikea Tradfi Bulbs to openhab.
I have created a dimmer group and 5 dimmer objects inside my items configuration, but how do i create now a Dimmer item with slider to control all bulbs simultaneously.

Group EG_WZ_Dimmer

Dimmer DI_EG_Wohnzimmer1 “Licht Wohnzimmer1” (EG_WZ_Dimmer) {channel=“tradfri:0100:…:65538:brightness”}
Dimmer DI_EG_Wohnzimmer2 “Licht Wohnzimmer2” (EG_WZ_Dimmer){channel=“tradfri:0100:…:65539:brightness”}
Dimmer DI_EG_Wohnzimmer3 “Licht Wohnzimmer3” (EG_WZ_Dimmer){channel=“tradfri:0100:…:65540:brightness”}
Dimmer DI_EG_Wohnzimmer4 “Licht Wohnzimmer4” (EG_WZ_Dimmer){channel=“tradfri:0100:…:65541:brightness”}
Dimmer DI_EG_Wohnzimmer5 “Licht Wohnzimmer5” (EG_WZ_Dimmer){channel=“tradfri:0100:…:65542:brightness”}

Just create an item with a combined channel information. Combine as many as you like.

Dimmer  DI_EG_Wohnzimmer               “Licht Wohnzimmer” (EG_WZ_Dimmer) {channel=“tradfri:0100:…:65538:brightness,tradfri:0100:…:65539:brightness”}

@job perfect that has solved my Problem :slight_smile:

Or simply use a typed group with your original item spec.

Group:Dimmer EG_WZ_Dimmer

You can then use the group dimmer to controll all of them