IKEA Tradfri Blinds - No longer working

Hi Everyone,

A few days ago I noticed that my blinds weren’t closing and opening as I expected. Usually when this happens with the IKEA stuff it’s usually resolved by a power cycle of the bridge. However that’s not helped this time. So I was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same. I’m also running a driver that’s connected to a couple of LED strips and they are working perfectly fine.

I’m still running on OH2.5 at this time, although I’m in the process of migrating my setup across to OH03.

Nothing showing up in the openhab.log to give any clues as to where the issue my be. So looking for some pointers, has there been a recent change tot he binding?

What I’ve noticed is that if any of the parent nodes to a fyrtur blind “disappear”, they do not re-route hence appears “dead”. I do not use the Ikea gateway, but Conbee 2. So in those cases I simply force re-routing via deconz - and they are back in business.