Ikea tradfri dimmer + Philips Hue bridge

Hello all, I am wondering if it is possible to integrate this small IKEA tradfri 2 button dimmer via a Philips hue bridge/gateway to the hue binding?
I tried to Google it but I only found solutions to switch hue light bulbs directly on/off with the tradfri dimmer without the hue bridge.
However I would want to use the tradfri dimmer to trigger rules in openhab.
This would be a cheap solution in case no tradfri bridge is needed.

Thank you :slight_smile:

the IKEA dimmer switch is not compatible to the Hue bridge. So you need a separate gateway. I would recommend the deconz zigbee stick (because you can also use other zigbee devices).

Hello Sebastian, thank you for the answer. That’s sad. Would it be possible to switch bulbs which are connected to the Philips hue bridge with the tradfri dimmer? By doing so it would be possible to check the bulb on/of coming from the hue bridge, or? If yes is it possible to add a “virtual bulb”?
If not is the CC2531 zigbee stick also possible and good? It seems to be much cheaper and I am searching for a cheap solution :slight_smile:

Hi Simon,
sorry, I missed the notification, that you answered to this thread.
I don’t use the CC2531 ZigBee stick, but I should be possible using the zigbee binding. And then you can control the light bulbs via an openHAB rule.

I’m doing the same with the deCONZ binding.