IKEA Tradfri Items after adding from PaperUI?

I’ve succesfully setup my IKEA tradfri gateway binding. In the PaperUI i discovered the bulbs and assigned them to an item. But - where can i find this item? It’s not in the item file or anywhere?

Is there a smart way of getting thoose items to show up in the config files? Also my “Things” folder is still empty - but PaperUI added somethings to it?

The internal database is filled either from PaperUI or from files. Nobody except you writes in these folders. It’s a method of input into tge internal database.

If you don’t see your items you may have “simple mode” enabled.

Just turn it off.

I see the items online in the Paper UI… but not in my .item file…

Should I just use the name as seen in paperui and don’t do anything in my item file?

What happens when I update the OH - is everything then gone since they aren’t in any configuration file?

PaperUI configured things and items don’t go into any flat text file, they are stored in your JsonDB.

Whatever you prefer. A lot of users are using autodiscovery for things (at least for 2.x bindings) and create items in text files. You can mix that in several ways.

Nope (that would be horrible). Your JsonDB, which contains all the config done through PaperUI) won’t be touched during an upgrade any you may backup that JsonDB the usual way.

Yes ok - i understand… I think what works for me is to create the item in my .item file, but doing the “things” discovery in the PaperUI.
In the PaperUI under Things i detect a bulb with a brightness channel saying following:

Could i simple create an item like this:

Dimmer Lys1 { channel=“tradfri:0220:gwa0cc2b6f5f99:65538:brightness” }

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Yep, that’s the way how to do it.
But make sure you have “Simple Mode” turned OFF, otherwise you will have duplicated items …