Ikea Tradfri Motion Sensor in OH3 with Tradfri Gateway

Hi All,

Bought a Tradfri Motion sensor last weekend. The idea was to connect it with the Tradfri Gateway, add it to OH3 and use the ‘switch’/‘motion’ detection to react.

However, the only things I get is the ‘battery-low’ switch and the ‘battery’ percentage.
How can I get the motion detected switch to work in OH3?

This is already a feature request and unfortunately not supported at the moment.

Ok, that is too bad that it isn’t included jet, even after 9 months.
What is the better solution than, using another motion sensor, or using a Conbee 2?

If the Conbee 2, what is it operation range? is it a problem to have a Conbee 2 next to an Aeotec Gen5 zwave stick? (both in the attic).

You can still use the tradfri motion sensor in openhab when you use eg HomeKit as a proxy.

The sensor is supported in HomeKit, so just trigger a switch in HomeKit which is exposed from openhab.

I don’t have HomeKit :wink: (not one single Apple device in my family).

I tried using a Tradfri Gateway but it’s a challenge to get devices to connect.
I’m using a Hue Gateway with all my Tradri and Hue bulbs and it works great.

It is supported in zigbee2mqtt


There are lots of different adapters available.


Do you have any Ikea switches or no battery powered zigbee devices as they will act as repeaters.

I also have a Hue Bridge (v2), but can’t find a way to connect the Tradfri motion sensor to the Hue Bridge.

With the bulbs you power cycle 6 times to put them in reset mode
Is there any kind of reset function on the motion sensor?