Ikea Tradfri remote dimmer without Gateway

Hi there,

I’m using Openhab 2.4 on a RaspberryPi4 and since I’m still a student I’m using different products from different brands because I can safe a lot of money with that.

Currently I’m using Hue Bulbs, OsramSmart+ Bulbs, Aqara Doorsensors and some other stuff. Also I’ve just ordered Tradfri remote controls and a Hue Switch. Because I use so many different products of different brands I cannot afford spending all the money necessary for all the Hubs and bridges.

That’s why I’m running a Zigbee-Coordinator ( CC2531EMK Coordinator USB-Stick) controlling all the products I have wire Zigbee and I haven’t had any problems with that so far.
I just tried to connect these remote controls using the Zigbee Binding and had no problems with that. But than I realized I could only find one on/off channel but all the other channels (dimming, switching scenes) are not visible at all. I tried the Hue Switch and both Tradfri remotes but same thing there.

My question now: Is it even possible to bind an Item to these channels or is it just the on/off channel that is visible without using a gateway and just having the Zigbee-binding running?

I just searched this topic in the forum but couldn’t find it. So hopefully I don’t ask a question hat was already answered.

Thank You for your help!

It is possible to bind the ikea remote to bulbs. Only on off channel and possibly brightness. I have mine setup this way.

I use deconz though vs zigbee binding. But it is possible.

I use the ikea dimmers to control on/off and to dim/brighten my lights with zigbee2mqtt.

I already thought about that but If it’s possible I Would like to stick with Zigbee Binding because I have more than 15 products connected with this binding and I don’t want to change that all

Could You maybe explain to me how I can bind an Tradfri remote to PhillipsHue ans Osram Smart+ Bulbs? I tried that for 4 days now and it isn’t working…

Thank You for Your help!

Are you using Deconz? I have to send json commands to the rest api. If using deconz I could send the link to my github explanation.

I have to send this command sited in the github post. It adds the light I want to the remote group in the test api. This is for deconz not sure if your setup works the same.

You have to use your favorite tool to manipulate the rest api and do a put command.

Hi Thank You for Your response!

I’m not using Deconz so that won’t work for me.

The Problem is that I’m using Zigbee-Binding but not zigbee2mqtt and it seems like nobody else is doing that like me.

Many people use OSRAM and Hue Bulbs at least - I do a lot of testing with many different bulbs and switches etc, so many people have this working - I guess the question is why do you have a problem. Unfortunately this is a hard question to answer without knowing what you are doing.

Are you resetting the bulbs when you start the join in PaperUI? Have you looked at the debug logs to see what is happening?

I think the bulbs are not the problem. I can control them trough basicUI and HabPanel and there is no problem with that.

Only when I try to use the Phillips remote switch or the tradfri remote switch I run in some problems because I cannot see the channels used for the dimming buttons on these switches.

As I mentioned allready I’m using a ZigBee Coordinator with the ZigBee Binding (NOT zigbee2mqtt) and I’m asking now how I can receive data from these dimming buttons on the remote controls.

The buttons for turning on or off are working completely fine only the dimming buttons don’t work. I already checked the log but nothing seems to happen when these buttons are being pressed.

And Yes Your’e right I’m relativly new to Openhab and will have to learn many things in the next months.

Thank You for Your help!

Please can you provide information on exactly what devices you have - eg the properties displayed by PaperUI for each device. And/or providing the XML files for the devices in the userdata/zigbee folder so I can see what these devices are - there are many variants.

Of curse :smiley:

I have Ikea TRÅDFRI Remote and Phillips Hue Switch. They both have Buttons for turning on/off and for brightness (higher/lower).

I connect to them by using the ZigBee Coordinator CC2531 and this Coordinator is controlled via the ZigBee Binding. I have 3 Phillips Hue LED white, 2 Osram Smart+ (brightness + lighttemperature) and 1 Osram Smart + (brightness + lighttemperature + color). These bulbs are all ZigBee capable and are also Controlled with the ZigBee Binding through the CC2531.

So I have paired them with PaperUI. Therefore I have to start discovery of the ZigBee Coordinator and then power the devices up. Then the device is listed in the Inbox and I can add it to my things list. After 5 Min, when the discovery process is over, PaperUI has a list of all channels on the things configuration page of the newly added thing.

I added almost 15 devices by sticking to this process and had no problems at all.

BUT here is my problem: When I tried to add the two switches, PaperUI never discovered channels for the dimming buttons on these remote controls. PaperUI only found channels for the on/off buttons.

If You need more than that tell me :smiley:

This for example is the Hue Switch:

As You can see every channel is there except for the dimming!!

Please can you provide the XML file for the device in the userdata/zigbee folder. This will allow me to see what features the device has reported.

There is the file

zigbee-network–zigbee_coordinator_cc2531_a4c3f86b.xml (813.1 KB)

Hmmm - I missed the fact that you are using an extremely old version of the binding. Is there any reason you don’t want to use a newer version?

How can I update?

I downloaded this binding in PaperUI under the Bindings page only two months ago so that’s why I’m kind of confused why this is not the newest version and I don’t know how to update it…

Could You maybe help me out?
Thank You!

Wel, you told me -:

You said here you were using OH2.4. This was released in 2018, so it’s definitely quite old now and I’d recommend using the latest version. Please check the documentation, or just download it from the OH download site as 2.5 has been our for 5 months now.

Finally I updated OH to the newest Version (2.5.3-1) and added all my Zigbee devices again.

I finally got all my buttons to display in PaperUI for my Phillips RWL021 but the TRADFRI Remote still doesn’t show the arrow buttons but since both of them show dimmer buttons I can work with that.

Sadly now I started to run in many new Problems…
My Aquara door sensors don’t send anything after one hour
All my bulbs start to not react after three hours
And after four hours nothing that interacts with Zigbee wasn’t working anymore.

After I did a restart of the whole system the devices still showed that they are online but nothing worked. Any idea on how I can fix this I really can’t find any solution to that in the forum, maybe I’m looking for the wrong keywords?