IKEA Tradfri : using the GW+App and OpenHAB concurrently?


Is it possible to access the IKEA Gateway using multiple methods? In particular GW+App (which my wife prefers to use) and OpenHAB, Node-Red, coap-client which need to set up automation.

I can present the GW’s PSK and get a new PSK using this method - https://github.com/glenndehaan/ikea-tradfri-coap-docs#authenticate - and I can use the PSK successfully using automation tools on Linux.

But then my phone app does not work. It seems they can not co-exist because each new invocation gets a new PSK and obsoletes the previous one.

Is it possible to sniff the PSK presented to my IKEA phone app? as I want to use that same PSK in my automation. Or is there another way to solve this problem?