iLite IoT Led Lamp Educational Project

The ioware. io iLite is a Raspberry Pi 3 and openHAB based, Plug & Play, IoT educational platform programmable project with RGB LED.

All ionware system software is free download.

The iLite has many of the features of commercial LED mood lights that help sleeping patterns and all at a much reduced cost.

You can program it to gently reduce blue white light to soothing yellow/green for relaxing into sleep and then with its inbuilt clock feature it will gently wake you in the morning with the opposite light progression.

Additionally, you can also use the iLite Kit as a superb learning platform to teach STEM and iOT related skills and subjects; Boolean logic, binary, the nature of light, spectra, computer control algorithms, graphical user interfaces (GUI), engineering design etc.

Details available at iLite IoT Project

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Have fun! :sunglasses:


This would make a good toddler clock as well. “Don’t come out of your room until the light is green.” Thanks for posting!