Image/Frame Widget to display camera image

Hi All,

I have weird behavior of the image widget that I do not understand.
I want to display a static url and refresh it every 2sec.
Here is the URL of the image provided by the camera http://abcd:xxxxx@192.168.0.YY/tmpfs/snap.jpg

The url is working fine when I copy it to the address bar of my different browsers.

On my desktop it works fine in Safari but give me a broken image on chrome.
On one android tablet running 7.1, I need to first load a panel with an frame pointing to the URL, before going back to the frame with the image widget to make it working. Otherwise I get a broken image.
On another Android tablet running 6.0 I am always getting the broken image.

So I would have a tendency to suppose that it comes from the device itself but I do not see how I can overcome this problem.

Any helps, idea would be highly appreciate!

Thanks in advance

One additional info: With firefox on Android, the image is working but the display of the other widgets is really cahotic…

I am not a css expert but tried to check the page content. Unfortunately I did not find anything really relevant.

Same here. Basically no image and no iFrame works in chrome. Desktop and mobile.

Putting credentials in images and iframes was apparently removed recently.

If you get this in the Chrome dev tools console:

Subresource requests whose URLs contain embedded credentials (e.g. https://user:pass@host/) are blocked. See for more details.

You can go to the related issue at to add your voice to a growing list of angry users :wink:

Edit: as an alternative you could made openHAB download the image somehow and display it with a new URL, but you will likely lose the authentication.