Image refresh not working?

I’m using a local picture for an image item.
The image gets replaced every 2 houres on the openHAB server.

It is implementred into the sitemap like:

Image item=WeatherPicture2 refresh=60000

I would expect to se the actual image when opening the app, however I do see the image from the last time the image was shown (days ago!). Only a forced refresh brings the actual image up.

Tried it on the actul app (2.10.3) and the beta version (2.10.17).
I works as expected when shown in a browser.

As far as I remember the timeout only counts if the app is open. After resuming the app, does the new image show up after 60 seconds?

Ups, something like that wasn’t mentioned in the docs, however that sounds reasonalbe AND yes, it does update after 60 seconds by itself. I just didn’t wait long enough!

@mueller-ma I think the issue is not whether the app is open or not, but whether the screen is turned on or off. We’re currently using SystemClock.uptimeMillis, maybe we should try whether using elapsedRealtime works better.