Image url in sitemap not displaying when connected remotely

I’m sure I’m not the first person to have this issue but a search turned up nothing.

When I attempt to connect remotely, via the iOS app and, my sitemap url images do not display. The image I am attempting to display is just a url call to a wifi insteon camera. The image loads fine when connected locally. It also loads (although it does not refresh) if I access via a web browser.

Any idea why this happens or if there;s a workaround?


I’m not sure if it applies to my.openhab or not, but when I access my home openhab setup remotely (through a static IP and open port) I need to make sure any URL calls in the sitemap are set to the same static IP and port. The URL seems to be loading independently from the sitemap, and its address is related to the device it’s being viewed on, not your localhost or LAN openhab instance.