Image URL not working on iPhone with Openhab 2.1 and 2.2

Hello People

I have a Problem with the «Image URL» in the Sitemap. I use in Openhab 2.0 IP Cam’s (D-Link and Upcam) in the Sitemap like:
Image url=“http://xx:xx@” refresh=6000

I have updated to Openhab 2.1 and 2.2. In the BasicUI and in the ClassicUi it work bat on the iPhone App it do not working.

Has someone any idea.


unfortunately the image widget on the iphone app is buggy - it doesn’t accept some urls, and accepts others inconsistently with the image sometimes being missing or distorted


Are you sure in Openhab 2.0 it is working. Do you think it will be fixt in the future.


the iphone app sadly seems abandoned…

Is there another change to work with the iPhone and myopenhab?
If I connect via a Browser, then I have every time to enter the User and Password.
Sorry about my English! :slight_smile:

There are some iphone browser apps that store/recall basic authentication - I use Mercury


Thank you. :slight_smile: