Imperihome Binding (imperiHAB) - Contacts

I’m working on initial configuration of a Vera -> openHab migration that uses imperiHome as the front-end. I have the imperiHAB binding working, this is a question about information on a specific type of sensor. - a contact (door sensor).

In Imperihome when connected to the Vera for a contact, the icon contains three pieces of information:

  1. State - Open/Closed
  2. Status - Armed/Bypassed
  3. Last - Date/time last opened

Using the current binding, I connected it to the “tripped” value for that sensor, so the State is working properly. However, that’s all I get in Imperihome. I’m wondering if there’s a way to tie multiple things together for a contact, similar to the way you do for a thermostat:

Number LIVINGROOM_THERMOSTAT_MODE "Livingroom Thermostat Mode: [MAP(]"  {zwave="40:0:command=THERMOSTAT_MODE"}
Number LIVINGROOM_THERMOSTAT_TEMPERATURE "Livingroom Thermostat Temperature: [%.1f F]" <temperature> {zwave="40:0:command=SENSOR_MULTILEVEL,sensor_type=1"}
Number LIVINGROOM_THERMOSTAT_HEAT_SETPOINT "Livingroom Thermostat Heating Set Point [%.1f F]" <heating2_small> (Group_Thermostat, Group_Persistence)  {zwave="40:0:command=THERMOSTAT_SETPOINT,setpoint_type=1,setpoint_scale=1", imperihab="room:Livingroom,label:Thermostat (heat),unit:F,curmodeid:IMPERIHAB_THERMOSTAT_MODE,currentTempId:LIVINGROOM_THERMOSTAT_TEMPERATURE,minVal:60,maxVal:90,availableModes:Off-Heat-Cool"}
String IMPERIHAB_THERMOSTAT_MODE "Imperihab thermostat mode" 

Does the binding have this ability already and it’s just not documented (anywhere I can find it anyway)? If not, it would be really nice as I hate to resort to multiple items to show what it does in one from the Vera.