ImperiHome Help: changing units

I’m in the process of setting up a couple of wall-mounted iPads with the ImperiHome binding and am having trouble with getting the temperature units to behave. I have the following item defined in an items file:

Number Weather_Temperature    "Outside Temperature [%.1f °F]"    <temperature>     (Weather)    {imperihab="room:Outdoors,type:DevTemperature"}

The OpenHab app on my iPhone and iPad display the associated item’s temperature in Fahrenheit properly. In ImperiHome, the same value is showing but with a Celsius unit rather than Fahrenheit unit. (i.e. 65C rather than 65F)

I have read the documentation and see that a unit label should work, but the two I have tried are not making a difference:

Number Weather_Temperature    "Outside Temperature [%.1f °F]"    <temperature>     (Weather)    {imperihab="room:Outdoors,type:DevTemperature,unit:F"}

Number Weather_Temperature    "Outside Temperature [%.1f °F]"    <temperature>     (Weather)    {imperihab="room:Outdoors,type:DevTemperature,unit:Fahrenheit"}

Any thoughts/experience on how to correct this or can you spot anything wrong with my approach?

Many thanks for your time,


Hi Brian - ive not had a need to change this ( as I use C )but within Imperihome, you can long press on the widget, select Configuration/Configure Units. ( at least you can on Android version of Imperihome )…more work if you have a lot of sensors, but should work for you.

@john - any ideas?

1st. C is it working properly F is incorrect :stuck_out_tongue:

The Temperature items do not use the unit parameter at all, thats only used for humidity, luminosity, noise, electricity, pressure, rain.

imperihab just returns a float value to imperihomes api. Looking at their api, it is possible to set this unit though, so I’ve created a ticket to add this as a parameter (would probably allow per item override and also have a default in the global config so you dont have to keep setting it for every item).

On an android device (sorry no ios device to test) you can long press on the item to change its unit.

As soon as I get a development environment up and running for openHAB 1 (its a PITA to get this working on windows if you have very little java experience, theres a step learning curve just to get the thing to compile…) ill fix this (since its super simple thing to fix.

finally got openhab 1 addons to compile (against my 1.7 branch, but thats what the current binding is compiled against and is still working). so should have this fix out by the end of the week (will try to update it to the latest branch, and do some other fixes)

Thank you, @john! It’s a little alarming to see 59C on my screens… that’s pretty hot in Fahrenheit! :smiley:

In all seriousness, I appreciate your efforts!

As a matter of record, I emailed the developers of the ImperiHome iOS app with the following requests as well:

1.) Would it be possible to display only hours and minutes rather than also displaying the seconds when using the digital clock widget?
2.) On the iOS version, I am unable to define the background color for the analog clock. Any attempt to change the color results in the same white background being used. I do not know if it’s possible in the Android version as I am an iOS household, but I do see evidence of that in screenshots on the website.
3.) Could we have a setting added to remove an icon on a widget altogether? I see where I can select an empty icon, but the text (or value) remains off-centered to accommodate the empty icon. Omitting the icon altogether would allow for centered text within a widget block.

I prefer a minimalistic display of information on the initial screen of the front-ends for my automation system, so I’m hoping the Dev will consider my requests for an upcoming release.


I remember email the dev last year and he was very quick and made changes the next day (Im in the beta tester group so got the changes pretty quick, not sure if there is such a thing for iOS though…).

for the clock however, I have a tiny webpage widget that shows my voicemail if there is any voicemail instead of the clock and my house bugs me saying “check voicemail” when i walk near a tablet :slight_smile: Its basically just a little bit of PHP and my downloads my voicemail from my voip as wav files.

next build will allow you to specify “unit:F” for an item, like
Number House_Temperature "House Temperature [%.1f °F]" {imperihab="room:House,type:DevTemperature,unit:F"}
or better yet in the openhab.cfg file you can set the default for all temperatures with

Its important to note that you dont use the degree symbol, °, as this is automatically inserted for you (figured it would be a PITA for most users to figure this one out).

I do strongly suggest you use Celsius though, because its the sensible unit :stuck_out_tongue:

k, uploaded beta 2 to same old google group.!msg/openhab/TWrvCd1fens/mO83ymI772sJ

added temp unit support for F. (install instructions included in the beta2 zip)