Implementing Roomba 871 RooWifi solution - how to manage temporarily unreachable

Hi folks,

I’m just playing with RooWifi to integrate my Roomba 871 with OH2.

As I can see, when the device is temporarily unreachable (means … out of wifi coverage), in my logs I can see:

2018-06-21 00:40:09.825 [ERROR] [ab.binding.http.internal.HttpBinding] - No response received from ‘http://user:passwd@
2018-06-21 00:40:12.897 [ERROR] [ ] - Fatal transport error: No route to host (Host unreachable)
2018-06-21 00:40:12.897 [ERROR] [ab.binding.http.internal.HttpBinding] - No response received from ‘http://user:passwd@
2018-06-21 00:40:28.600 [ERROR] [ ] - Fatal transport error: Read timed out

How can avoid this? I mean I would like to avoid to have tons of logs for this, but at the same time avoid to block all “ERROR” level for http binding.

Any suggestion?


You could try to apply a filter to remove the roomba related ERRORs… but some log entries are too generic so it won’t be easy.

Check: OpenHAB - Filtering event logs

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There is a log binding you can act on errors on a defined filter , May prove useful