Import binding branch into forked openhab2-master project

Dear Community,

I am developing a binding. As mentioned in die docs, I forked the main project and created a new feature branch and imported the new project. Now I changed the machine set up the IDE over there too. I edited the remote repo and checked out the feature branch.

I was surprised that my new addon-project wasn’t there by default and after importing it manually I got an error after the build:

Description Resource Path Location Type
Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration: org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.6.1:compile (execution: default, phase: compile) pom.xml /org.openhab.binding.cus line 6 Maven Project Build Lifecycle Mapping Problem

Thanks for your advice to solve this issue.

I’m not sure I can follow you. But did you add your binding to the parent pom? How did you import as maven or existing project. You should do the latter (At least that is the current way. This might change in the future)

Thanks for your reply. Here is a screenshot, which is related to the current issue. I tried both variants for the import and I have added the line to the parent pom.

I found the mistake - I got a duplicate entry in the maven file - afterwards I still got errors, but the system seems to start and you can request the index file.