Import google home object on OH3

Hello everybody,
I want to ask if someone knows if is possible to have the item that I have on Google Home, on my openhab things. Basically is the opposite of the normal way to use google home. Normally, the thing in openhab is possible to use on google home(assistant), but I want the opposite of this, I want use my things in google home on openhab. Is possible this??

thanks a lot everybody

No, this is not possible. I believe Alexa has some support for this but there is no way to go the other direction.

thanks a lot… I think is a really useful condition because I have some devices thats work fine with google but I can’t use on openhab.

Talk to Google then. They are the limiting factor. There’s no API that OH can use to do this.

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No seriously, do talk to google @Amedeo_Bonomi , as I’m doing and tons of others are in their google assistant foruns.
We are complaining, and whining and crying.
Google doesn’t care, but at least we’re annoying them…

Actually, some folks at Google care a lot about interoperability, which is why they’re onboard with Matter.

As I understand it, the idea is not for a Google Nest hub to be accessible to other controllers (e.g. openHAB), but for Matter devices to be accessible to any Matter controller.

It’s unclear to me if Google will enable the Nest Hub to serve as a proxy for legacy devices (in the same way it will for devices with Thread radios). I could see that going either way. It’ll also be interesting to see if opensource projects such as openHAB and Home Assistant will be able to directly access Matter devices.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t expect many manufacturers to update legacy devices (switches, plugs, etc.) to be compatible with Matter. But as noted in The Verge article, a lot of them are in a wait-and-see mode.

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