Importing annotated csv with multiple measurements into InfluxDB


I would like to import historical consumption data (electricity, energy…) created by my Homeseer software into InfluxDB. The data is in csv format but I need to convert it to annotated csv format for InfluxDB. I can import a test file only with first couple of lines into InfluxDB database using the InfluxDB graphical interface.
My test file has electricity and energy meter data and below is the file which I can import to InfluxDB:


My problem is that I can see only the electricity meter data (e.g. 10652.2) in Data explorer but not the energy meter data (e.g. 16.925). I can also plot the graph for the electricity meter data but not for the energy meter. Below is a screen copy:

Even though I can write to the database it seems that the format of my csv file is not correct. So, my question is what is the correct syntax for multiple measurements in an annotated csv file?

Hi Jan, your are in the wrong forum. This one is about openHAB, not about InfluxDB.

Their forum is great. I had a question the other day, and one of their staff replied to me shortl afterwards.

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Yeah, perhaps my question is more relevant for the InfluxDB forum but I know many are using InfluxDB persistence together with openHAB. This is what I’m going to do once I have managed to import my data to InfluxDB. OK, I’ll post my question in the InfluxDB forum then.

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