Importing values stored in txt via FTP?


I’ve just started to discover the possibilities using OpenHab2 in combination with my Homematic and Hue configuration.
Actually I’m not an expert in programming and for now I’m trying to reproduce what is written in various tutorials and posts.

One of my newest projects is a Raspberry Pi equipped with a SDS011 sensor to sniff PM2.5 and PM10.
The script doing so is working good and safes the data in a txt file.

It looks like that

08/05/17 15:16 - 1.1

Where the first column is datetime and the second after the - is PM10.

Now I like to use this data to display it on PaperUI.
How can I retrieve the data which is stored on the Raspberry to display it? Btw. Openhab2 and the Sniffer are running on two different Raspberry which are both in the same network.

You’ll probably want to write a program that sends events/messages to a processor (eg. MQTT) that can communicate with OH.

Thank you.
I think this is what I was looking for.