In Ceiling Speakers

Next week I’m going to start installing network infrastructure cabling in my new home. I’m thinking of extending the deployment to run some cat 5e to allow for installation of poe speakers in certain locations. I’m hoping to avoid having to install discrete amplification and power and hope that poe might be the answer…

Can anyone tell me whether IP based poe speakers exist that can fill the role I have in mind? Their purpose would be for security and ambient level music/audio.


PoE speakers??? How are those supposed to work ?
There’ll be few if any at all, and for sure its misuse from an audiophile point of view.
To have cat 5 in place never hurts, you do can use the cat 5 as a speaker cable (although I’d go for classic 1,5mm² cabling). You don’t want 5 different music channels in 5 rooms, a centralized amplifier such as an AVR makes sense. There’s some to serve 2 or 3 zones.