In openhab (Habpanel) flipping an svg menu

I’ve started an floorplan for my openhab control in habpanel and there is an menu for controlling my tv or my Kodi:

My question is: I’d like to flip the whole 5 circles group when I press ng-click on the rotating arrow and show same like design for controlling Kodi (volume/power/state) alike commands

I’ve tried to make a variable changing when pressing ng-click the rotating icon but look like I’m not able to set an variable correctly…

Like: ng-click=“flipped = !flipped” on the icon. Should I declare somewhere (js or in svg) this variable? or should I create an item in openhab to change and relate to it?

It’s like: I want an button to remote flip another group

I think what you’re looking for is ng-init="flipped=false" on a parent node.