In search for RGBW LED strips with thin power adapter


since there are many home-automation enthusiasts here I though I’d share my concerns with you.
I have been playing around with LED strips for some time now, but I cannot find a solution for my specifications;
I need to install a LED strip behind a mirror, the problem is that I cannot find a power adapter of 50W that is thin enough, less than 2cm. (the perimeter of the mirror is 3 meters).

Controller: Shelly RGBW or NodeMCU fast led (both available)

It would be nice if the LED strip can work also in different white temperatures, the one I have now (BTF lighting WS2811 has a very cold white)

If anyone has a solution it will be much appreciated.


XY problem … insert a (5 wire) cable between strip and controller/power supply and place those out of sight.