In wall add-on for switch boxes (z-wave)

Is there any z-wave in wall add-on hardware for existing hardware switch boxes like the Fibaro Switch without relais functionality? I’m just looking for an add-on sending commands to openhab (trigger).

I know I can use the Fibaro switch without any connected lamp but maybe there’s something cheaper without relais? The command needs to be sent either via Z-Wave network (e.g. switch in openhab frontend) or with the wall switch directly.

Generally speaking, adding the relays doesn’t impact the cost, so I expect the answer is no… A relays costs a few cents - the main cost comes from the zwave side, and the marketing, sales, etc.

This can be seen if I look at the cost of Fibaro units in the UK - they are all the same price - dimmer, 1 relay, 2 relay, etc…

You might find some cheaper units in China (AliExpress), but just be careful as some of these aren’t official, and may not work properly.