In-Wall RGBW Dimmer that sends a signal to openHAB

I’m looking for In-Wall RGBW Dimmers that will not directly dimm any connected/proprietary leds, but rather send a signal to openHAB over Ethernet/Wifi/Z Wave/… so that openHAB can react to this.

The actual dimmers will then be controlled using ArtNet.

What I thought of is something like this

I found a lot of simmilar dimmers, but they all seem to only be able to receive Wifi singals to control an attached led light. But what I need is exatly the other way around.
I also found a couple of Z-Wave Switches, but these are only switches and not RGBW dimmers.

Is anyone aware of any RGBW dimmers that can send a signal to openHAB?

Yes those dimmers u posted a link to can be used. I wrote two ways they can be used. One is a binding and the other is using the mqtt with lots of rules. Search this forum for espmilighthub and there are threads for doing it both ways. One user is already using the milight remotes to control Phillips hue globes.

In the topic that I found is no statement about Controllers, only about Milight Lights.
Do you know if the Controllers will work with that binding?
And do I need a bridge for them to work?
If I need a bridge, will they work with a bought bridge, or do I need to build a one as described in the topic?
If they work with a bought bridge, will more than 4 Controllers work with it?
I was unable to find any information about what wireless standard they use (W-Lan or Z-Wave).

Yes you need to build a bridge using two ready made boards, that then allows you to use >65,000 of those wall mounted controllers if my calcs are correct. Certainly more than you would use in a house. No you do not need a milight bridge as the esp8266 one replaces the need for one and the milight one does not do what you want which is to get the remotes to send data in to Openhab2.

I would probably recommend the “rules” way unless you wanted to control globes with the same number and type of channels that the binding offers. The binding decodes the MQTT and sends it already processed to channels, where as the RULES method requires you to decode the incoming data.

Openhab2 supports Multi binding channel linkages, see this link…
I have never tried it but it appears you can take the incomming commands from one binding and output to another binding. I could be wrong about multi bindings working in that way. You could always try it by sending The mqtt manually.

Just wanted to give an update on this:
All my parts have arrived and I have assembled the bridge.
I used the already compilied rom for the nodeMCU v2 (although my board reads v3).
For the flash to work, I had to do the following:

  1. Hold down the flash button
  2. Press the reset button
  3. start the firmware flashing on the PC
  4. wait for it to complete and release all buttons.

When i was not holding down the flash button, the boards USb connection was constantly connecting and disconnecing.
After this procedure everything is working fine.

I connected the board to my wireless LAN and told it to send updates to my mqtt server.
There was no pairing between the bridge and the Controller needed, the bridge just sends everything the controller sends to MQTT.

Works like a charm :smiley:

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Great idea for using milight remotes, going to order a few :slight_smile:

To make it easier for people to find the info on how to do it, look here:

You can see how the in coming MQTT messages are processed and sent onto Openhab items which can be any kind of item they do not need to be Milight globes. You could use it to control the volume for speakers in multiple rooms.

Thanks for more instructions. Have to wait for the slow boat from China arrives. I will go for the mqtt solution. I’m wanting to use it for controlling ikea lights.