In-Wall Smart Dimmer ZW3010 / 39351 - Delay of state notification?

I am currently using this device, and it’s working really well with one exception.

When I turn the device off, the UI shows it going off briefly, and then shows it at 40-50%. If I use a switch rather than a slider, the UI will show it going off, and then back on again.
I think what’s probably happening is that the ON or OFF command is being sent to the device, and then when openHAB checks the state to update the UI (I assume this is how it’s working?), it’s not quite done ramping on or off, so it updates the state to the current state.

For instance, I turn if off, the lights start to dim, then openHAB checks the state, sees they are at 40% since they are fading off, and updates the UI to show that.

The lights are working correctly, but the UI is not correct.

Any ideas? Can I set a time for 5 seconds later and re-update the state? Or is there another workaround? I’m guessing this cannot be that uncommon.

It is not uncommon. For me I have disabled the poll after command to reduce network traffic, but also have used the idea to extend the poll time. Both work for me. I still get this sometimes when the switch is operated manually.


Oh! I didn’t realize either of those were possible.

How do you disable the poll after command? Also, how do you extend the poll time? I didn’t see the anywhere in the options… but perhaps maybe I just missed it.

Is this by device or a global setting?

by device on the UI page for the thing


Nevermind, I found it… I changed it to 5000 MS. I’ll test that and see if that fixes the problem. Does setting it to zero (0) prevent poling at all?


Thanks for all your help!

I still have to much to learn about this, but it seems I’ve finally found a way to bring everything together into a single interface, and I’m really enjoying this.