Inbox PaperUI shows offline things

in HABmin and PaperUI I have deleted a thing after I have switched it of manually and it is still offline.
After that I used PaperUI to look for new things. I found the old one again but this thing is still offline. When I deleted this thing again and make a refresh on the inbox the item is back again. Is there any history used? Where can I delete this hostory? What is the reason that the thing is still found? Its offlline and have no power to be active in the network.
Thanks for hints

Which technology? If zwave: the device is stored on the controller and needs to be excluded from the network to delete it completely. If not it will always be found again as a thing …

Edit: take a look here how to properly “delete” (=exclude) a device from the controller (note that exclusion is not the same as deleting a thing)