Include content of an item in notification

unfortunately I can’t find anything in the vastness of the WWW and also here in the forum not really a simple explanation, so I have to ask.

Is it possible to display the value of an item in a notification? For example, I track the price of gasoline at my gas station and of course I want to know what the current price is in the notification.

I think about the DSL rule interface this will not be possible but about a code rule or a script maybe? Unfortunately, I can’t find a good simple explanation anywhere if and how this works.

As an example:
Notification content: Diesel 1,79€ → after next update → Diesel 1,84€

Thanks already

Yes, it is possible.

I am using DSL rules.

sendNotification("", "Today it will be " + Weather_home_Temperature_Max_today.state + "!")

To add a value to a string you just add + myItem.state to the string.

You can send ephemeral notifications as @christoph_wempe demonstrated. You’ll get a new notification every time the price changes.

But if you are after a constant always there notification then no, there is no way to do that.

@christoph_wempe , thx i will try this.

I do similar but only show the price in the UI and do not get a notification, as the price is changing frequently.

In addition you can use persistence and calculate e.g. last x days average (I do last 7 days) and compare current price with the average. By this you know if it’s currently cheap or expensive and you can better see trends

A big thank you to you @christoph_wempe , you made my day. Works perfectly.

I have a new question. How can I send an icon in the message? The message structure is clear to me but if I put a comma after sendNotification(“”, "Today it will be " + Weather_home_Temperature_Max_today.state + “!”, “icon”), and select the “icon”, sending the whole message does not work anymore.
What am I doing wrong?
I have also tried with SendExtendedNotification but no success.

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Did not know you could define an icon.
But you are right according to the documentation.

But it looks like you need to define a severity, too.

I guess these are possible values for this: