Include new ZWave Stick as Slave in existing ZWave Network?

I try to migrate my Network from AEOTEC ZStick Gen5+ to ZStick7.

Because Migrating via Backup seems some difficult (also because of I’m not familiar with zwave-js) I try to include new stick in existing network via openhab.

After Synchronization I could change the Master. Thats my idea.

But because ZWAVE PC Controller seems not to support ZStick 7 I got trouble putting the ZStick7 in inclusion mode to get it into existing network. I searched this function in openhab, but didn’t found it.

Is there a way to put an ZStick (allready as thing in openhab available) in inclusion mode to get it learned in in another network? Putting it in inclusion mode normally would enable to include to new stick, so this may be wrong way?