Include Non-zwave devices - ideas?

I am searching for some outdoor z-wave pir for an alarm scenario and see that there aren’t really quality devices for outdoor purposes available. So my question how can I include maybe some standard pir into the openhab 2 network running on a pi3? Does anyone have an idea how to combine these? Maybe a z-wave plug which is offering an alarm when switching power on by the pir?

I’ve used a combination of these two devices.

Optex LX-402 PIR

Aeon ZW097 Dry Contact Sensor

One of my LX-402’s has been running outdoors without issue for almost 12 years exposed to direct sun/rain/snow/sleet.

Unfortunately, I understand the ZW097 has been discontinued, so it may be difficult to find. I have yet to find an alternative Z-Wave dry contact sensor.

It’s in dutch, but google translate is your friend:

Oh cool
I wasn’t aware for such a dry switch device to include “old” devices in my z-wave mesh

Whats wrong with this one?

I’m using 4 of these without problems…
Just missing the housing :sunglasses:

Looks like a good alternative. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a source for them in the US. :frowning:

Don’t forget the power and price of a simple ESP8266

Ok, Are these the sonoff WLAN devices? And how to use these for connecting a traditional PIR to my home automation based mainly on z-wave?
Is it guaranteed to get these flashed now ota, or do I need to have a flashing device, because this is too complex.