Inconsistent view in model tree on OH3

Hi all.

I’m new to OH, new to the community and started directly with OH3 last week.
What I’m wondering about is the general model and its implementation. Don’t like to say that I’ve discovered a defect, but some things appear very suspicious to me.

What I like to do is to setup a hierarchy of locations and attaching equipments nodes and points to the rooms. So far so good and straight forward. On the other hand I’d like to create groups (beside the location hierarchs) and add existing equipment or point nodes to these groups. This concept seem to be named “verticals” in the documentation. What I’ve tried to do is to create a group and assign it as second parent to an existing point. In general this seam to work, but the model tree does not display the point as child of both two parents. The point appears either under the one or the other parent. It seems to be a technical detail where the child appears.

For me this looks very strange… Hope someone can assist on this. What I had to do is to create NEW points with dedicated names to achieve what I want. I don’t think this it how it is supposed to be…

best regards!

Any semantically tagged Item can only be a member of one semantically tagged Group. Your “verticals” would not be a part of the model (i.e. don’t tag those Groups).

This is a limitation for the model hierarchy builder for sure. I think it’s also a limitation in the automatically generated tabs of the Overview Page. It’s also a limitation for HABot I think (HABot is a chatbot that uses the semantic model to let you interact with OH using natural language).

But also realize that a lot of the verticals are handled for you through the tags. You don’t necessarily need an AllLights Group if all your lights are tagged with “light”. You can get all the lights in a Rule by tag (in JavaScript ir.getItemsByTag("light")). And for those cases where you do need a Group (e.g. to trigger a Rule or roll up a summary of states) simply leave that Group out of the model.

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