Incorrect item states via myopenHAB

I think since the latest updates on myopenHAB I experience incorrect item states for my MQTT switches.
The item states are being shown correctly when accessed directly (local LAN) instead of going through myopenHAB.
I read back the state after each switching command from the MQTT enabled switch.
Locally all works fine. Via myopenHAB the states are always shown as active.
My reference is the openHAB iOS app.

My item definition looks like the following example:

Switch MQTT_Switch_Command "Terassenlicht" [ "Lighting" ] {mqtt=">[emonpibroker:/test/switch/S20_058B56/relay/0/set:command:ON:1],>[emonpibroker:/test/switch/S20_058B56/relay/0/set:command:OFF:0],<[emonpibroker:/test/switch/S20_058B56/relay/0:state:MAP(]", autoupdate="false"}

I have the same problem, all my lights are showing the wrong state when accessing OH remotely using the android app.

Did you guys manage to resolve this? I’m having the same issue with state not being recorded for MQTT devices when openhab is restarted. Do I need to get the devices to communicate state when openhab restarts?

Hi Chris,

it’s working for me at the moment.
If you restart openhab I don’t know how it persists the states of item and things.
However, if your MQTT-devices report their state via “retained” messages to the broker,
openhab will receive the last message of a topic when re-connecting.
Retained messages are being stored by the MQTT broker and are instantaneously sent to a new subscriber.