Incorrect Parameter Readings for Fibaro z-wave devices

today I realized that when reading the parameters of z-wave devices (PaperUI > Things > Configuration) the parameters shown are partially incorrect - at least with Fibaro Motion Sensors (Eyes).
I had two identical sensors with (according to report in PaperUI) identical parameters behaving in different ways. Re-Writing a parameter that was identified to be reported wrong changed the behavior of the device. I’m not sure if this is an issue with openhab or the device, but it makes debugging and optimizing my system difficult.
Anybody else experiencing this? Any idea or suggestion to ensure proper parameter reading?
Thanks Stefan

Two answers:

  1. Beginner level:
    Battery powered sensors are sleeping most of the time. You have to wake them up (see device manual) for configuration. New parameter values not yet applied to the device are flagged as ‘Pending’. Waking the device up several times should do the trick.

  2. Expert level:
    Increase the log level for the Z-Wave binding to DEBUG and use the Z-Wave Log Viewer to check the low level Z-Wave communication.

I’m aware of the issue with battery devices, that is not the issue.
Thanks for the hint with the z-wave debugging, I think it will be valuable for me to get familiar with this tool.