Increase TTL on my Router but how? - Sonos OpenHab Subnet


I made a new subnet for my 6 Sonos player runing on It has the Vlan nummber 20 and everything seamth to work exept of beeing visible on my openhab system. This is runing on with docker on my synology nas.

I do have a

USG 3P -
Switch US-16-150W -
Two AP UAP-AC-Pro -

My Sonos are Play 1 S1 11.2.3

The Problem is, that openhab can’t realy see my sonos players anymore and this is a known problem. In the openhab binding for Sonos it tels that I have to change the TTL.

Attention: You might run into trouble if your control system (the binding) is in another subnet than your Sonos device. Sonos devices make use of multicast which in most cases needs additional router configuration outside of a single subnet. If you observe communication errors (COMMUNICATION_ERROR/not registered), you might need to configure your router to increase the TTL of the packets send by your Sonos device. This happens because of a TTL=1 for ALIVE packets send by Sonos devices, resulting in dropped packets after one hop.

Here is the link to the sonos binding

Thanks verymuch for the help

It appears you are referring to some network configuration. That is well beyond what openHAB can do or the purpose of this forum.

Since you designed the vlans. subnetting. & routing only you know how to solve the issue.

Thank you, this is very helpful.
I should have known that only I can provide an answere here. Why asking for help… :wink:

I will definitely search for the answer and as soon as I have a solution I will post it here. Even if it’s only my problem and has nothing to do with openhab.

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