Inexpensive motion sensor for Shelly

Any suggestions for an inexpensive motion sensor to work with Shelly. There is so much innovative hardware and software - I can’t wait to automate a light inexpensively…for every room.

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Yes there is a buch so I recommend doing a search on several forums (Pi, tasmota, EspEasy) and see what others are using.

Do you have a preferred communication protocol in mind? Mqtt is lightweight and works great with OH.

Small ESP8266 devices with a motion sensor (make sure to check the voltage) could be a cheap option.

I’m familiar with most of those terms but have not really done any work with the software, flashing, etc. So, initially, I’m hoping for something simple…really plug and play.
I will check the other forums.

If you can install OH you can flash firmware to an esp device. There are numerous videos on YouTube that will show you how.

You might think about where you are likely to fit sensors, which might in turn dictate how they are going to get powered. Wired or battery? Some technologies are suited to battery operation then others.

Good point regarding power. Luckily(?), I’ll be doing some remodeling so both wired and battery operated could be used. I suspect we’re a year or two away from an affordable, reliable motion sensor that works seamlessly (ie no programming) with wifi controlled switch. Once these are available, I think most new houses will be built with the option to control every rooms’ lighting by a motion sensor.