InfluxDB 2.0 and OH3.4.1 - save "everyMinute"

Hi, I changed my Database from rdd4j to influx. To make it easy I just copied the rrd4j.persist to influx.persist. It works perfect but
currently only “everyChange” and “restoreOnStartup” are working. Does InfluxDB not support “everyMinute” strategy?

I did also set it as default strategy.

The strategy is independent from the database so it should support everyMinute.

Thanks, any idea why it doesn’t do it anyway - requires configuration in InfluxDB itself?
I read here, the syntax of the persist file seams to be very critical - therefore I just copied my working old rdd4j file which saved every minute.

What’s the name of the file? Please also show the content (with at least one line of Item definition)

Hi Udo
thank you very much for the hint. My file had the name “influx.persist”.
Will change it and guess, it starts working as expected.

Yes, influxdb.persist is the correct name.