Influxdb: all items are persisted

I installed the influxdb binding 2 weeks ago, setup my influxdb server and left it alone.
Today I noticed that all my items are persisted in influx. Altough I did not added any items or groups to the config yet.
I see that there is a Default Strategy which is on everyChange. Does this means, that the default config would be the same as this textual config?

* : strategy = everyChange

Yes. By default all persistence add-ons save all Items on everyChange and usually also include restoreOnStartup. rrd4j includes an everyMinute as it requires that to work.

If you want anything different, you must define a persistence strategy. Note that in OH 4 you can set that through the UI now by navigating to Settings → Other add-ons → InfluxDB → Gear icon.

As soon as I add a group with a strategy, will it exclude all other items? Or will this just override the default strategy? If so, I don’t see any option to disable the default strategy.

In my OH3 setup, I have the line * : strategy = everyChange in comment and only added some items/groups to a strategy. I think nobody wants to have all his 1000 items in influx…?

I haven’t experimented with the UI configuration of persistence yet. Experiment and report back.

If they want restoreOnStartup from InfluxDB they probably do.