InfluxDB-based Grafana Dashboard for Metrics Service

Thanks for all of your work on openHAB 3.1!

I migrated to OH3.1. I’m running an InfluxDB for a long time.
Of course I want to use it also for OH.
Prometheus is not in use in my setup.
The provided dashboard uses prometheus as source database type.
I’m willing to support creation of a InfluxDB-variant of it.

Is there documentation about the metrics published by OH into InfluxDB available?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @Trickx,

could you solve your problem? If so, what have you done?
I try also setup “Metrics Service” and use my old InfluxDB v1. I installed “Metrics Service” and type in my credentials to my InfluxDB. There is no error log, but i can’t see anything in my DB :frowning:
It will be great, if you can give me some tips.

Thanks a lot

Hi Dennis,
I have the metrics service running to feed into my influxdb.
The transformation of the Prometheus-based Grafana dashboard is only partly done on my side.
I started with openHAB-specific data. JVM metircs were out of my scope,yet.
Prometheus is running in parallel for the moment to have a twin brother to copy from.
If this is of interest I can share my interim influx-based dashboard.
So reverse engineering task is ongoing.

Best Regards,

Hi Dennis,
I misinterpreted your question.
So you don’t see any metrics in influxdb.
How do you check? Via Chronograf?
I simply configured all settings via the UI.
I noticed some parameter take effect only after restarting OH.
For example updating “Update Interval in Seconds” take effect after OH restart, only.
You may check whether the database in influx exists. OH might not create it if not.

Hi Sven,

if you don’t mind I would be happy to try your interims influxdb-based Grafana dashboard.

Thanks, Oliver

Hi Oliver,
prerequisites to enable the dashboard:

  • update interval of the metrics service set to 60s (otherwise things stats won’t work properly)
  • influx database name contains “openHAB” (otherwise the “Database” variable will be empty)

Dashboard JSON:
openHAB_Dashboard_influxDB.json (29.3 KB)