Influxdb configuring on Ubuntu Core OH Snap

Hello Everybody!

As I see it’s possible to install and use influxdb from OH snap on Ubuntu Core.
But I can’t find any information or manual about configuring of that.

Platform: RPi 4, 4Gb.

Hope for your help!


PS It’s my first community question. So, please, excuse my English and leak of info may be.

Looking at the snap repo the configs are in $SNAP_DATA/conf/influxdb.conf which I think is /var/snap/influxdb/conf/influxdb.conf.

Thank you, Rich!

I’m trying to use influxdb from OH snap.
There’s no influxdb snap that is regullary supported as a snap.

name:      openhab
summary:   openHAB smart home server
publisher: openHAB Foundation e.V. (openhab)
license:   unset
description: |
  openHAB - a vendor and technology agnostic open source automation software for your home.
  - openhab.backup
  - openhab.client
  - openhab.influx
  - openhab.karaf
  - openhab.restore
  - openhab.start
  - openhab.status
  - openhab.stop
  openhab.influx-setup: oneshot, disabled, inactive
  openhab.influxd:      simple, enabled, active
  openhab:              simple, enabled, active
snap-id:      WpdPxW72JupkC8XTgaJsig3LEHdrR56x
tracking:     latest/stable
refresh-date: today at 05:37 MSK
  latest/stable:    2.5.9    2020-10-19 (596) 161MB -
  latest/candidate: ↑                               
  latest/beta:      3.0.0.M1 2020-10-19 (592) 160MB -
  latest/edge:      2.5.9    2020-10-19 (601) 161MB -
installed:          2.5.9               (596) 161MB -

No one on this forum created that snap so we have very limited insight into how it works.

isn’ this what you are looking for ?

snap search influx

Name                Version                 Publisher     Notes  Summary
influx              2.0.0-beta.16           influxdata    -      Command-line client for interacting with InfluxDB
influxdb            2.0.0-beta.16           influxdata    -      Scalable datastore for metrics, events, and real-time analytics.

Yes, it is!
But influxdb from InfluxData (original version) is available only in beta and only for amd64.
I’m using Rpi4, so I need arm64 version.
Arm64 version is integrated into openhab snap, but without any manual or instructions. :frowning:

ok - I was not aware of that now I also understand why the description you posted is different from that what I saw in a snap that I had a look into manually.

Do you know this thread: InfluxDB+Grafana persistence and graphing ?
snap’s, dep’s and other type of distributions should be based on the same source code. Apart of distribution defaults the configuration should be similar. Please excuse in case I am too naive.

There is an influxdb.conf file included in the snap. I would start by checking if the default values match with the values that are described in the above mentioned thread.
As mentioned by rikoshak the config file is located at $SNAP_DATA/conf/influxdb.conf