InfluxDB data restoreOnStartup (Important persistence setting)

This topic might help somebody if there is a problem with restoring values from Influxdb on startup.
After upgrading to OH3, I noticed that my item status was not restored during startup when using Influxdb. The last status was stored correctly within Influxdb.
After some testing I noticed, that the issue was within the persistence setting for Influxdb. During configuration I selected the option “Replace Underscore”. This setting changes every “_” into “.” The item Heating_Temperature will be stored in Influxdb as Heating.Temperature.
The issue I noticed was, that during startup OH requests the name with the underscore (Heating_Temperature). Therefore Influxdb will answer correctly that no values are stored, because the data series is not know. Switching of the setting “Replace Underscore” solved my issue and the values are restored correctly. Please notice that, after changing the setting, a new data series is established in Influxdb.
Maybe this will help somebody to safe some time.


If you enable this Option, the Analyse Graph stoped workung. In the Database you getba 2nd Channel with Point names and thies Channel gets all the new Data, nur openhab Displays always the old Channel with _names. After some days the Graph ist empty…


I have the same symthom, but I dd not found this “switch” and all analytic graph works with history data.
How could I check if I have the same issue and where to find documentation about this “replace” switch ?

Solved: I forget the “restoreOnStartup” in the perssistance strategy…sometimes it cloud be so easy…